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Finding The Best E-cigarette For A Smoking Relative


Finding the best e cigarette for a relative that is trying to quit smoking can be a challenge. While you might want to surprise them with the e-cigarette as a gift, knowing what model of electronic cigarette that they would enjoy can be difficult. By learning how to compare various electronic cigarettes based on factors such as cost, design and popular opinion, finding the best electronic cigarette to give away as a gift should be possible in no time at all.

Consider the nature of your relative’s employment. This is important because the type of charger used to re-charge the electronic cigarette will depend on their access to a car, outlet or computer. If you have any hope for your relative using the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, then assuring that they have the ability to inhale vaporized nicotine throughout the day is simply essential. Be sure that the charger they require is available for the e-cig model that you decide to purchase.

The success and popularity of any particular e-cig model is based on a variety of factors. According to The Food and Drug Administration, “Electronic cigarettes are products designed to deliver nicotine or other substances to a user in the form of a vapor.” Ask your relative what they enjoy the most about smoking. Some people like the design of the cigarette while others prefer the strength or aroma of the cigarette that is experienced when it is smoked. Try to mimic their preferences by finding an e-cig model that has similar qualities to their current smoking preferences. The best way to quit smoking with an e-cig is to have an experience with using an e-cig that is equivalent or better than smoking.


Technology, Electronics, LEDs, and Fashion


Here is a fashion piece made with stretchable electronics and once combine with nano-scale sensors these two allow clothing to reflect your senses or mood. The body suit illustrated in the picture here has LEDs that light up according to the person’s state of excitement. It measures skin signals and changes light emission through biometric sensing technology.

Fashion Electronic Cigarettes with Crystal LEDs


I recently learned about electronic cigarettes which allow smokers to get their nicotine fix without smoke, tobacco and tar. As we all know many fashion photographs in the past had their models pose with cigarettes. What is interesting now is that these electronic cigarettes themselves have become a fashion item by being colorful and by having crystal LED tips which light up when the smoker inhales. On top of that you can store and carry such electronic cigarette in a stylish case.  According to a review website, which collects electronic cigarette reviews, women prefer the pink or stainless steel models and love the crystal LEDs!

Smart Clothes Monitor Health


BIOTEX develops bio-sensing textile for health management. The integration of health monitoring into textiles brings the benefits of safety and comfort. Such clothes will provide remote monitoring of vitals signs, diagnostics to improve early illness detection and metabolic disorder and will reduce medical and social costs. The project is sposored by the European Commission.

To date, developments in that field are mainly focused on physiological measurements (body temperature, electro-cardiogram, electromyogram, breath rhythm, etc.) with first applications targeting sport monitoring and prevention of cardiovascular risk. Biochemical measurements on body fluids will be needed to tackle very important health and safety issues.

BIOTEX is addressing the sensing part and its electrical or optical connection to a signal processor.

Ski Suit with LEDs and Solar Panels


Recently fashion designer Willy Bogner sent his models on a trip into the future of winter sports. Bogner introduced a new fashion jacket which has solar cells and is also equipped with LED lights. This a new concept of a ski jacket the company is working on. It should be on the market by 2018 just in time for the winter Olympics in Munich. I wonder of the jacket captures solar energy to produce heat to keep the person extra warm while skiing or snow boarding.