Finding The Best E-cigarette For A Smoking Relative


Finding the best e cigarette for a relative that is trying to quit smoking can be a challenge. While you might want to surprise them with the e-cigarette as a gift, knowing what model of electronic cigarette that they would enjoy can be difficult. By learning how to compare various electronic cigarettes based on factors such as cost, design and popular opinion, finding the best electronic cigarette to give away as a gift should be possible in no time at all.

Consider the nature of your relative’s employment. This is important because the type of charger used to re-charge the electronic cigarette will depend on their access to a car, outlet or computer. If you have any hope for your relative using the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, then assuring that they have the ability to inhale vaporized nicotine throughout the day is simply essential. Be sure that the charger they require is available for the e-cig model that you decide to purchase.

The success and popularity of any particular e-cig model is based on a variety of factors. According to The Food and Drug Administration, “Electronic cigarettes are products designed to deliver nicotine or other substances to a user in the form of a vapor.” Ask your relative what they enjoy the most about smoking. Some people like the design of the cigarette while others prefer the strength or aroma of the cigarette that is experienced when it is smoked. Try to mimic their preferences by finding an e-cig model that has similar qualities to their current smoking preferences. The best way to quit smoking with an e-cig is to have an experience with using an e-cig that is equivalent or better than smoking.


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