Blu Cigs: Fashionable Quality and Style


Electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity, and people have been talking about Blu Cigs more than ever. The brand is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands of 2013, and with advertisements featuring Stephen Dorff, as well as a sponsorship of the Sasquatch! Music Festival, the company has been making quite a name for itself. But does the company live up to its hype?

With superior quality and style, it actually surpasses the hype. You can find more detailed information and many real  reviews of Blu Cigs at

One of the company’s main priorities is quality. They invests quite a bit in developing and improving its products to provide great e-cigs. The juice in Blu’s cartridges is both American-made and contains no propylene glycol. They also ensure that their e-cigarettes taste as close to tobacco cigarettes as possible, making the experience just as, if not more, enjoyable. This brand’s e-cigarettes are also small, light, and praised for the amount of vapor that they emit.

Blu Cigs offers a variety of flavors, such as Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada, and Peach Schnapps. There are also four possible nicotine levels: the full 16mg, the light 12mg, the ultra light 8mg, as well as 0mg. The cartridges are affordable and have about 250 puffs, which is about the same as an entire pack of cigarettes.

When it comes to style, the company seems to be unmatched. Their portable charging cases look just like traditional cigarette packs and come in an elegant white or a cool black. The blue LED on the cigarettes also stands out, giving them a unique, classy appearance.

According to Ilana Greene at Chicagonow, Blu Cigs controls forty percent of the United States e-cigarette market. It’s a popular brand, and for good reason. It provides quality products with a great sense of style and aesthetics. The e-cigarettes’ unique flavors, variety of nicotine options, portability, and looks are all great bonuses. This brand is clearly top of the line.


What is Fashion?


Let’s explore what “Fashion” is and where it came from. The French use the word “mode” derived from the Latin word “modus” meaning “measure” or “art” – to measure or capture. It refers to the specific period of time and a particular group of people which form a contemporary force or way to do certain things, to use things or to purchase. It is the way of doing something, not of long duration, but over a longer period of time. Fashion is the result of social processes done over and over again with new, then regarded as timely, and revised ideas. Fashion is usually a rather short utterance of the zeitgeist. Relatively longer-term manifestations of the zeitgeist, which can include many great fashion cycles, are considered a classic. Very short-lived fashions that often only produce a single product are known as fads.

Finding The Best E-cigarette For A Smoking Relative


Finding the best e cigarette for a relative that is trying to quit smoking can be a challenge. While you might want to surprise them with the e-cigarette as a gift, knowing what model of electronic cigarette that they would enjoy can be difficult. By learning how to compare various electronic cigarettes based on factors such as cost, design and popular opinion, finding the best electronic cigarette to give away as a gift should be possible in no time at all.

Consider the nature of your relative’s employment. This is important because the type of charger used to re-charge the electronic cigarette will depend on their access to a car, outlet or computer. If you have any hope for your relative using the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, then assuring that they have the ability to inhale vaporized nicotine throughout the day is simply essential. Be sure that the charger they require is available for the e-cig model that you decide to purchase.

The success and popularity of any particular e-cig model is based on a variety of factors. According to The Food and Drug Administration, “Electronic cigarettes are products designed to deliver nicotine or other substances to a user in the form of a vapor.” Ask your relative what they enjoy the most about smoking. Some people like the design of the cigarette while others prefer the strength or aroma of the cigarette that is experienced when it is smoked. Try to mimic their preferences by finding an e-cig model that has similar qualities to their current smoking preferences. The best way to quit smoking with an e-cig is to have an experience with using an e-cig that is equivalent or better than smoking.



Francesca Lanzavecchia (born in Pavia, Italy in 1983) has re-designed medical accessories, such as neck and back braces and managed to make them incredibly sexy.

Francesca Lanzavecchia earned a degree in Product Design from the Politecnico di Milano. In 2008 she obtained a Master degree Cum Laude in IM-Conceptual Design in Context from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Her thesis project “ProAesthetics Supports”: The Perception of Disability through its Artifacts” was tutored by DROOG Design co-founder Gijs Bakker.

Francesca’s personal  interpretation of design is the results of a multidisciplinary approach combining an engineering problem-solver attitude with an emotional fascination for humanism. Being grounded in the practical and logical, she practices an agile methodology and produces provoking concepts.

Francesca dreams, observes, debates, experiments, designs, and creates; drawing upon the emotional and intangible, while relating them with the real and affecting.

Lanzavecchia’s main interest lies in the relationships objects have and can have with the human body and soul as well as having a fervent eye for future trends. Wai is fascinated by the collisions and fusions of materials, meanings and forms. Their cooperation is based on those focuses and having hailed from two very different countries and cultures, they attempt to feed off each other’s backgrounds, knowledge and skill-sets to fuel lateral thinking and agile tangible application.

Technology, Electronics, LEDs, and Fashion


Here is a fashion piece made with stretchable electronics and once combine with nano-scale sensors these two allow clothing to reflect your senses or mood. The body suit illustrated in the picture here has LEDs that light up according to the person’s state of excitement. It measures skin signals and changes light emission through biometric sensing technology.

Fashion Electronic Cigarettes with Crystal LEDs


I recently learned about electronic cigarettes which allow smokers to get their nicotine fix without smoke, tobacco and tar. As we all know many fashion photographs in the past had their models pose with cigarettes. What is interesting now is that these electronic cigarettes themselves have become a fashion item by being colorful and by having crystal LED tips which light up when the smoker inhales. On top of that you can store and carry such electronic cigarette in a stylish case.  According to a review website, which collects electronic cigarette reviews, women prefer the pink or stainless steel models and love the crystal LEDs!

Smart Clothes Monitor Health


BIOTEX develops bio-sensing textile for health management. The integration of health monitoring into textiles brings the benefits of safety and comfort. Such clothes will provide remote monitoring of vitals signs, diagnostics to improve early illness detection and metabolic disorder and will reduce medical and social costs. The project is sposored by the European Commission.

To date, developments in that field are mainly focused on physiological measurements (body temperature, electro-cardiogram, electromyogram, breath rhythm, etc.) with first applications targeting sport monitoring and prevention of cardiovascular risk. Biochemical measurements on body fluids will be needed to tackle very important health and safety issues.

BIOTEX is addressing the sensing part and its electrical or optical connection to a signal processor.